Elkhart County Teens Are Making Positive Life Choices…

we know because we ask them.

What is Positively Elkhart County?

Positively Elkhart County (PEC) is a program that focuses on the positive choices teens are making in Elkhart County. Backed by science, PEC applies the Positive Community Norms approach to our work in prevention. When we celebrate young people’s positive choices, we change people’s perceptions, and as a result, we change their behaviors.

Did you know in the last 30 days, Elkhart County Teens HAVE NOT…


Vaped or used E-Cigarettes


Consumed alcohol


Used marijuana


Used others' prescription drugs

Data provided by the Indiana Youth Survey (INYS) conducted by Indiana University in 2022

We know because we ask them.

Hey, Elkhart County Teens

Have you seen PEC at your school? If you attend an Elkhart County Middle or High School, chances you’ve seen us! We’re the people who give out killer swag and ask you questions about what you think your peers are doing.

Check out your portal to find out where you can meet up with PEC next!

Hello Educators!

Want to learn more about Positively Elkhart County? In your portal we walk through the science behind our program, help you understand how our team can work with you in your classroom, and provide a place for you to nominate a Do-Gooder in your school.

Greetings Adults!

If you are a parent of a teen, a community member who cares about the future of our county, or just someone who wants to learn more… this is your space. We know that adults play a huge part in every teen’s life. Positively Elkhart County is a program that helps you talk to the teens in your life and helps you celebrate their positive choices.

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