Ten-Year-Old Charlee wanted to make a gift basket for a family she knew who was struggling during COVID. She first needed to make money. So she created magnet sets and sold them.

 “I want to help other families because it makes me happy to see other people happy. Some people might feel down that they can’t do the things that they love to do and would normally do right now (during the pandemic), so the baskets might cheer them up and make them happy.”

Charlee has sold so many magnet sets; she is now providing several families with gift baskets.

Being a Do-Gooder is something that Charlee is compelled to do. She understands that people need help and she uses her skills to find solutions. Last year when two of her friends passed away, she made signs which she sold to raise money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital.

We have no doubt that Charlee will continue to make a difference in our community. We applaud her creativity and desire to help others who are struggling.

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