When Cameron’s aunt broke her ankle, he stepped up.

You see, Cameron’s aunt is the mother of three. To make matters even more challenging, one of her children has both autism and epilepsy. Her husband works during the day, making her the sole adult during the day.

We’re sure being incapacitated with three kids was scary, which is why Cameron stepped up and stepped in to help. Every weekday (during summer break), he gets up at 7 am to help his aunt care for her family.

He cooks and cleans and entertains the children. Once his uncle gets home, Cameron returns home and does his own chores.

“He never complains,” his mother says, “he wanted to make sure my sister could heal properly and that his cousin was taken care of.”

#WeRPositive that Cameron is not only the hero of his family but a hero all the way around. He will be beginning his freshman year soon, we wish him, and all the students who are going back to school a great start. We know a lot of things are uncertain and up in the air. But we also know teens in Elkhart County are  making positive life choices and helping each other, and their families get through these trying times.

If you know of a young person who is making a difference, who is doing good, and helping out, we hope you’ll nominate them to be a PEC Do-Gooder. We believe we could all use a little good in our lives.