We are POSITIVE Elkhart County Students are making POSITIVE Choices.

Partnering with Elkhart County Middle and High Schools

Positively Elkhart County (PEC) uses the Science of the Positive. It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and focused on the dangers and problems we hear about in the media every day, and sometimes we forget the core truth – most teens are making good life choices.

Teens themselves can easily get the wrong messages from the media, pop culture, and each other. For example, when teens believe that everyone is vaping, they will also vape when given the opportunity to fit in. In reality, 94% of Elkhart County teens have not vaped in the past 30 days (Source: 2022 INYS Survey). Smoking among Indiana teens has decreased 45% between 2000 and 2022 (Source: Indiana Department of Health, June 2023).

Our Goal

PEC’s goal is to narrow the gap between Perception and Reality. When teens perceive that their peers are using drugs and alcohol, they are more likely to experiment themselves. However, we know from a decade of surveying local teens the REALITY is MOST Elkhart County Teens DO NOT use drugs and alcohol. 

We need your help!

As an educator, you’re one of the most influential people in a teen’s life. How you can help:

  • Support teens in taking the INYS Survey and our weekly PEC surveys. 
  • Be open to talking to them about the difference between perception and reality.
  • Meet with our PEC team to talk about how we can all work together.
  • Focus on the good choices our teens are making every day.
  • Nominate a student or several for a Do-Gooder award! When we look for the positive we begin to see it everywhere!

Wait, what is social norming?

Social norming is the practice of helping people understand the difference between their perceptions and the REAL. 


We can help! 

We know teachers and school staff are pushed to the limits. The limits of time, the limits of policy, and the limits of just doing their jobs. Our PEC team offers several ways we can partner with school staff. 

Parent Engagement

Have a back-to-school night, freshmen orientation, parent/teacher meetings, or any activity where you are inviting parents into your building, we’d love to come! We’ll bring goodies and information about what great students you have!

Teach a Class

We’d love to be a guest teacher in your class. PEC uses social studies, math, science, health, and English in our work every day. We’d be happy to create a curriculum to bring into your class upon your request. 

Drug/Alcohol Prevention

At the heart of our program, we are a drug and alcohol prevention program that focuses on the positive choices your students are making. We gladly provide school announcements, lunch activities, and extra curricular activities.