Seventh-grader, Dae-Kierra has been shining her light at home with her family during COVID. Like so many young people, she has been staying “safe-at-home” with her family. While being in close quarters with those we love can be challenging for some of us, Dae-Kierra has been helping out and keeping spirits high at home.

She is helping her mom with cooking, cleaning, and even checks in with her mom when she seems down. When her younger brother would get frustrated with his e-learning assignments, Dae-Kierra would help and encourage him.

Dae-Kierra is looking forward to gymnastics, has an incredible singing voice, and wants to volunteer in the community once her family has transportation. Dae-Kierra is a shining example of being present and helpful at home. Sometimes helping your family get through a hard time, being that steady encourager, and an example to your siblings is about the best do-gooder thing you can do. Way to be AWESOME Dae-Kierra! Keep up the good work. #WeRPositive you’re a blessing to those who know you.

Positively Elkhart County is a youth prevention program supported by the Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership. We are in search of stories like Dae-Kierra’s and Charlee’s. If you know of a young person in Elkhart County whose good deeds are helping make life better for others, please let us know on the form below.

We know young people in Elkhart County are making positive life choices. We know because we ask them. Share your good with us!