PEC Portals

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In the teen portal

  • We explain what PEC is and why it is important
  • You’ll find out ways to get involved, including: finding out when we will be visiting your school, where you may see us outside of school, and how to join the Text Club.
  • You’ll also have access to our calendar and a way to request us to come to your school or event!

Interested in supporting Elkhart County Teens?

Guess what? Teens in our county are making great choices! However, not every adult in our county believes this! If you are a parent, neighbor, or community member that believes teens are doing great things, welcome! In the Adult Portal, you will find the following:

  • Information on the use of Positive Social Norms as protective factors and prevention.
  • Tips on how to talk to the teens in your life about tough things. 
  • Have the opportunity to nominate Teen Do-Gooders who are building up our community by their selfless deeds. 
  • Learn where you can visit with us and how you can join the Positively Adult Text Club.

Elkhart County Educators are Our Front Line, and We Love You!

Since 2012, PEC has been working with local Elkhart County Schools to partner with us in our prevention program. Thankfully, local school corporations have seen the impact our program makes and is willing to assist us in surveying students and celebrating the good choices their students are making. We know, sometimes educators need more information about our program. In the Educators Portal, you will find the following:

  • Information about the use of Social Norming as a prevention program and the impact of PEC.
  • Information about the Indiana Youth Survey (INYS) conducted every other year by Indiana University.
  • A “menu of services” of how PEC can partner with you at your school and in the classroom.
  • Have the opportunity to nominate a student as a Teen Do-Gooder who you see making a difference in our community through their service and selflessness.