Teens: We see you. You’re making positive choices. You’re sewing face masks for your community, you’re mowing your neighbors lawn, you’re creating care packages for COVID-19 patients.

If one thing it’s clear, it’s that Elkhart County is full of do-gooders. 

We’re highlighting some of the positively good teens in our community. Check out some of their stories below, or nominate a do-gooder you know below.

Meet the Elkhart County Do-Gooders

Fishing for Peace of Mind with Vin

Being a five-year-old can be tough. You're waiting for school to come your way. You are old enough for some things but forever too young for others. For Vito (who turned 5 in April), the experience has been rough. It began with the birth of another sister (he has two...

Carter’s Superpower is Connecting

Helping out is something 14-year-old Carter excels at. For the past four years, he has partnered with his grandfather to volunteer for Meals on Wheels (a nonprofit that combats hunger in the senior population). They are floaters, meaning they fill in when regular...

The Way Hayden Spent Her 10th Birthday Says Everything

When we look back on 2020, we’ll all remember things that didn’t happen. Gatherings that were canceled and events we were looking forward to, both big life-changing events and smaller disappointments that happen every day. Unfortunately, most of us will recall a...

Cameron Stepped Up When His Aunt Broke Her Ankle

When Cameron’s aunt broke her ankle, he stepped up. You see, Cameron’s aunt is the mother of three. To make matters even more challenging, one of her children has both autism and epilepsy. Her husband works during the day, making her the sole adult during the day....


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