When we look back on 2020, we’ll all remember things that didn’t happen.

Gatherings that were canceled and events we were looking forward to, both big life-changing events and smaller disappointments that happen every day.

Unfortunately, most of us will recall a birthday that didn’t happen in 2020 (or at least a celebration that was different).

When Hayden realized she wouldn’t be celebrating her 10th birthday with cake and friends, she didn’t let it get her down.

This was not a surprise to those who know and love her. You see, Hayden is one special young lady. She’s that kid who opens doors for you and trolls the grocery store parking lot scoping out people she can help unload groceries for and return their carts.

The gas station clerks love it when she comes in with her mom. “She starts cleaning the inside of the station while she waits for me. They always joke that they want her to stay and help them,” says Hayden’s mom, “it makes her feel so good.”

Hayden simply loves to help. She actively looks for ways to make a difference, including treating her mom to breakfast in bed on random mornings.

It was apparent very early on that Hayden had a giving spirit. Perhaps her extra dose of empathy developed early on when she struggled with many health challenges, including having her first surgery 48 hours after arriving on the planet.

Regardless of how Hayden came to be such a stellar do-gooder, the way she chose to celebrate her 10th birthday says about all you need to know about her. When asked how she would like to celebrate her big day, she asked her mom to take her to “that field we pass every day” that had a lot of trash blowing around in it. “She thought the field would look much nicer for everyone that liked looking at fields if the trash was picked up. We spent two hours picking up every piece of trash we could find. We spent time together talking and enjoying being outside,” recalls her mother.

#WeRPositive Hayden does a million little good deeds every day because it’s just how she operates. Happy Birthday, Hayden! We celebrate you!

If you know of a young person who is making a difference big or small, please let us know so we can celebrate them. Because, we all need something to celebrate every day.